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This page does not concern sharing between devices on the same platform (iOS to iOS / Android to Android / Mac to Mac or PC to PC). To share licenses within the same platform see the rights restoration manual page

In the case of a shared purchase made from the IGN rando site (regardless of the environment concerned), the creation of the token is not necessary. Just enter your IGN ID in your new device

Rules for sharing between platforms

Subscriptions and provisional options purchased in one of the environments are shareable to devices in another environment. A strict limit of 5 devices will be applied on the number that can share a license. This limit is stipulated in the contractual conditions of the iGN.

Vmax / Amax / Xmax modules are not shareable. These are one-time purchases per platform and not subscriptions. This therefore means that if you change the environment you will have to buy the tools module in the new environment (Vmax for iOS / Amax for Android / Xmax for Mac / Jmax for PC)

The subscription sharing procedure involves obtaining a token, a simple number. You can get a token on this page but also from a device. The iOS, Android and MacOS versions have a button for this purpose on the purchases screen.

Once the token has been received, all you have to do is enter its number, on the purchases screen of the device that needs the license. The token is then consumed and cannot be reused. You have to request another to share again to another device. An unused token is not lost! It will be returned again on a new request.

For the device count, any device which has made a restoration of purchases within the validity period of the current subscription is taken into account. Thus devices that have not been used for iPhiGéNie since the last (re) subscription are not counted. To this number is added the number of tokens consumed during the year.

The forms below involve providing an email address, unlike the per-device procedure which is anonymous but secured by your purchase account.

Share a license from iOS / MacOS

This form allows you to obtain a token for sharing your license to an Android device and PC, or from iOS to Mac and vice versa. This token will be sent by email.

Token data

Be careful to check the system on which the subscription was purchased
Enter the iPhiGéNie IUID here displayed on the info screen (iOS) or the purchases window (MacOS). For iOS devices you can also enter the Apple UDID that you can find via iTunes.
You can use the number of any device associated with a subscription. For an older iOS device that is unavailable, see the bottom of this manual page.

Enter the validity date of your subscription.

Enter the address where to send the token. It may be different from your iTunes account (which is not known to us).

Share a license from Android

Use this form to get a token to share your license to an iOS / MacOS / PC device. The token will be sent by email.

Token data

Enter here the iPhiGéNie IUID displayed on the info screen.

Enter the validity date of your subscription.

Enter the address where to send the token. It may be different from that of your Gmail account (which is not known to us).

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